Port - fo - li -o...
...a body of work.

Here you will find stories, answers to questions about Wedding DJ'ing and how I approach it.

You can see pictures from venue's I've played at in Manchester and across the North-West.

I always have a big idea, a main focus, for the year. And for 2015 it has been ensuring that Brides and Grooms have considered lots of different ideas. I know not all, in some cases not any, ideas will apply to how they picture their day. And that's fine so long as that decision was made from a position of knowledge - a concision thought-out decision. That way they'll be no regrets about missed opportunities in the future.

Real Weddings

Words on Weddings

You're welcome to contact me with anything that may be on your mind. I'll respond privately, and with your permission - the conversation may end up here.