Client Connections

I've been booked by people who have seen me DJ or I've been referred from past clients.

When I've bumped into my brides and groom at those weddings I've loved reminiscing the memories of their day.

The weddings below are all connected by referrals.

1st Wedding. Rach and Andy's Wedding at Liverpool's Malmaison and...

Rach and Andy's first dance.

It began with Rach and Andy's Wedding at Malmaison in Liverpool. Rach got my number through a Robbie Williams tribute act who I had worked for back when I was a Sound Engineer.


2nd Wedding. Nat and Mark's Wedding at The Racquet Club (Liverpool) and...

The next time I saw Rach again was when we met up at Nat and Mark's Wedding at The Racquet Club in Liverpool.

Adam and Rach

Nat and Mark's Wedding.


3rd Wedding. Lyndsey and Paul's Wedding at Abbeywood Estate and Gardens.

Then the next wedding I saw them both at they were both bridesmaids for Lyndsey. It was great to see them and I knew with their group we'd be in for a great night and it was.

Meeting two former brides when I was their friends Wedding DJ.

4th...5th weddings ... and coming soon in 2016 I'll be DJ'ing for Paul's brother Phil and another bridesmaid Gemma. I can't wait.

1st. Rebecca and Mark's Wedding at their Private Residence and...

Rebecca and Mark's Wedding stands out as one of my favourites. Thilo said Liam danced all night and he never usually dances, so they asked for my details and booked me for their wedding.

Howard Wing impression. He told me I need more height.

Rebecca and Mark making their first dance. Thilo is in the background.

Liam Photo Bomb

I love that the guy who photobombed that final picture booked me for his wedding.


2nd. Thilo and Liam's Wedding at Great John Street Hotel Manchester

It was great to see Becky, Mark and their friends again on Thilo and Liam's Wedding day.



Becky, Mark and friends with Liam dancing in the background.

Wedding DJ Adam Carr with Liam and Thilo at Great John Street.

Photobomb re-creation.

and we re-created the photobomb picture.

1st. Karen and Jenny's Wedding at Manchester Town Hall

Selfie stick action at Karen and Jenny's Wedding. 

Selfie stick action. Lydia hand up in the background with her arm around Bev.

Adam with Jenny and Karen on their wedding day.


2nd. Lydia and Bev's Wedding in Didsbury.

I next saw Jenny and Karen at Lydia and Bev's wedding. I'm grateful to them for that recommendation. I got to play lots of great songs I felt more like a Club DJ than a Wedding DJ that night. Was great to meet up again in the summer sunshine.

1st. Kirstie and Joe's Wedding at Browsholme Hall

Here's Robyn with the bunnie ears dancing to my music when I played at Kirstie and Joe's Wedding. Just a few weeks before her big day.

Robyn at Kirstie and Joe's Wedding

I love this reaction to Kirstie dancing with her father.


2nd. Robyn and Alan at Mere Brook House

I think it was a co-incidence that they both booked me. But, as they are close friends I was able to find out a little more than usual. I find out a lot in my pre-wedding meeting with the bride and groom. But this gave me the opportunity to find out more by essentially having a meeting with their close friends too.


Robyn and Alan's first dance at the very homely Mere Brook House. Big smiles all round.

Robyn and Alan's first dance at the very homely Mere Brook House. Big smiles all round.

DJ Booth selfie with Kirstie and Adam.








It was great to see them again too.

1st. Robert and Robin's Wedding at Ferraris.

I refer to this wedding a lot. The input and ideas to shape and control their wedding balanced with the trust they put in me. It's a place I always try to get to. To instill trust and to prep and plans aspects while keeping an eye on your clients expressions and looking out for spontaneous moments. Wonderful clients.

Heart shape. Such a loud cheer for the introduction of the first dance. Unbelievable moment.

Quick selfie

Quick selfie

2nd. Kate and Pete's Wedding at Gibbon Bridge.

At Gibbon Bridge. Stunning venue.

Robert recommended by for his bosses wedding. I noticed Kate and Pete (Robert's boss) right away at Robert and Robin's Wedding because they were dancing so much and they way they 'jive' together as a couple. I was delighted when they booked. Was great to see one of my favourite couples again too. 

1st. Anna and Phil's Wedding on their grounds in Tarporley (Cheshire)

One of my favorite pictures ever. Anna and Phil's first dance was unreal. I think I played their last song after two in the morning and there were still people dancing.


2nd. Kim and Mark's Wedding at Wild Boar Hotel in Tarporley, Cheshire.

Wedding DJ Adam Carr in Tarporley, Cheshire with Mark on his Wedding Day and Phil who Adam played for on his Wedding day.

It was great to see Phil again. I knew I was in for a great night and the room layout with the dancefloor in the middle by the bar added to the unbelievable atmosphere of their wedding. I had early access to get set up and start the music immediately after the Wedding Breakfast. Here's a picture of me arriving to set up.

Bride and Groom dancing in the middle of the dancefloor. Mark twirling Kim.

Coming soon

I will be the Wedding DJ for Paul and Billie at Thornton Manor.






and for Becky and Mark at Thornton Manor.
Mark is in the foreground and that's Becky in the background in blue. Dancing at Mark's sisters wedding at Styal Lodge.








There are a lot more connections, but only the few with pictures are here.

I'm grateful for each referral. Even when I'm not available, I'll try to help out.

I'm very proud of this page and the fond memories it holds.