First Dances

There's a pattern in these first dance photographs. With only the bride and groom on the dancefloor to begin with, and everyone else on their feet and close by.
The next picture, in most cases, shows the end of the first dance with other people joining in with the first dance.

Many people dread it, but if it's staged correctly it can be amazing. Please note friends and family in the back of every photograph - we need them close by. We don't want anyone to miss out. Before the first dance you'll find me liaising with your photographer or ushering guests into the room.

Though my way of staging the first dance is very effective, and a real spotlight moment for you and all your guests,  it's not rushed, and I don't make it extra awkward for the bride and groom.

51 first dances in 2014. I haven't counted how many weddings I have DJ'd yet in 2015.

When I meet up with brides and grooms I love hearing about the song they choose, what it means to them, and planning how we'll co-ordinate the introduction for their venue.

The concept here is to give the moment the potential to be amazing, and let you and your guests take it from thre. Planning, experience and creativity are the ingredients for a fantastic wedding.
They are not only applied to the First Dance, but to all aspects of your day.