The best thing about DJ'ing is watching people faces light up as I press play on a record that means a lot to them. This has the greatest effect if they weren't expecting to hear it. This proactive approach to song selection comes only from years of reading the crowd. Sometimes it comes from song request, and I am open to song requests but not reliant on them. Many DJ's are great at reacting but the truly great are proactive and thats what I strive for.

Your taste in music is far more important than mine but since you are most likely curious as to where my heart lies... it is, as you might have guessed, all over the place Indie, Irish Country, Power Ballads, Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop and RnB and Northern Soul. Very eclectic. It was mostly indie clubs during my time at uni. And listening to whatever was on MTV. And at home mixing electronic dance and RnB songs.

Through 14 years of DJ'ing I have found many songs, some obvious, and many gems which have influenced my personal taste in music. The result of this is the ability to play with passion and mix in a variety of genres.



I suppose I do have a simple method too.

->If I know is going to work I'll play it. 
-> If it does I'll follow it (easier said than done now there's a crowd on the dance floor wanting a better record than the one that got them on the dancefloor!)
->If it doesn't work I will change it. I now have 'sets' build around records that I didn't think would work when I first played them.

You might wonder why I would play I record I wasn't sure of. Please don't misinterpret that as I'm completely reckless with what I play; of course not. But what I do mean is the only records I'm 90 percent sure will 'work' are the very records that crop up on my No No No lists. Which every client is welcome to provide along with songs to be played. These No No No songs are often overused and bland. Since I'm ultimately judged on what I play, I do not wish to also be describe as bland.

There is a place for these 'universally liked records'. And often they are perfect for the atmosphere at the right moment. In that moment I'm torn between the person who rolls their eyes, because they've heard the song 1000 times and those who leap around dancefloor.... and I wouldn't want it any other way.