Question from DJ Chris Bell. How do you sort your music?

A DJ in Australia contacted me regarding organising his music for DJ’ing. Here’s my response:

Something I struggle with too is remembering to play all the great records at the right time. That’s part of the fun though. It’s nice when you get a response to a track you play that made someone think or reminded them of a something that hadn’t crossed there mind for a long time.

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Why ‪#‎WeddingPhotoGate‬ doesn’t apply to me.

Wedding Photo Gate, was an online argument between a Wedding DJ, who was thought of by many to be stepping on the toes of the Wedding Photographer. The news story was covered in Forbes and elsewhere on the web. I don't delve too deeply into that row - but here are some of my thoughts on the topic.

In the two years I’ve been bringing my camera along to weddings what I do with it has evolved.

I want to ‘Capture the love’, to coin Ken Rochon’s phrase, but I am always thinking about crossing the line. And pondering where that line is.

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