Specialist Wedding DJ

What's most important to you on your day?

There's more involved in Wedding DJ'ing than most couples realise. I took the three pictures below. They illustrate how close I get to my clients in their most special moments. Whether they are set up and staged, as in the first dance and bouquet throw. Or whether they are completely spontaneous like the Best Man kissing The Groom in a picture frame.

Each couple is different. Timing is everything, setting things up and then allowing the couple space to enjoy the moments.

I am willing to travel and I do frequently. I'm a familiar face at many of the North-West's leading Wedding Venues near where I'm based, but have worked in Malta, France, South-West Wales, North Yorkshire and Scotland as a Wedding DJ. This has given me great confidence in my unique approach.

Perfect Weddings are what I am always striving for. I'd love to hear you talk about your plans so far and for us to talk over some ideas together.

Feel free to browse the site, my reviews, my pictures, and evidence of my experience. And please let me know the best time for us to talk on the phone so we can get to know one another.

Skype call, Facetime or Phone call is fine. I'm not pushy. I don't have any add-ons to sell - I just want to get to know you. This page isn't an educational resource for other Wedding DJ's. I'm not giving away any secrets here - but I might on the phone.