Samlesbury Hall Wedding DJ for Lizzie and Ian

Being a Wedding DJ you get to know and really like playing certain venues. Samlesbury Hall in Preston is one of my favourites. 

Dr Lizzie and Ian are such fantastic people. I had a really great time in their home laughing, joking and discussing the wedding in detail. It was clear they were excited with what they were planning and you could feel it in the atmosphere as soon as you arrived.

Peter and Sara from Pixies In The Cellar were the wedding photographers.
Ian has studied photography, so it's a with a trained eye that they decided on their photographers. Which is testament to the unique creative style of their images. It was great to see them again and have a good chat, in the lounge while the wedding guests were eating.
Their amazing Winter Wedding pictures are here:

Angela from the venue is someone people really warm to, I've heard so many nice things about her, Fiona who took over until the end of the night was great too.

After announcing in Lizzie and Ian, their first dance to Earth Angel was gorgeous. But for me the best moments and music came at the end of the night.

I would love to do it all again.

Here are some of my pictures...
Sorry there's so many selfies.

Samlesbury Hall first dance played by Lizzie and Ian's Wedding DJ Adam Carr.