Other Services


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea at a wedding, but there are various ways of integrating Karaoke you may like to discuss.

I have been part of many enjoyable Karaoke Nights. Whether it is the whole night or just a 'spot' to make your event stand out Karaoke is a service I offer.

From a technical viewpoint my University Degree in Professional Sound and experience in Live Sound is invalubale. I can't promise to make all your guests sound good. But I can promise to make them sound as good as possible.

In the past I have recorded all the singers from a birthday karaoke night and compiled a CD. I believe these timeless mementos are still enjoyed and cherished.

Host / Compere

Great for keeping events on track and organised. After breaking the ice and building the excitement I have had the pleasure of introducing many talented artists and performers on stage.

Quiz Host

Sneaking out of pubs this fun and engaging pastime is becoming part of many events. I have experience of quizes in pubs,hotels and even weddings.

Charity Auctioneer

A great way to raise money for a good course and exciting too. I love to do these when I get chance so please let me know if this is part of your event.

Sound Engineer

I have worked in this capacity at music festivals and with touring bands and tribute acts. If you have ideas for your event, perhaps a talented relative? Share with me and we'll figure out whats the best solution.


Room lighting packages to enhance the look of any venue.


Various sizes and options like Black Starlit, White Starlit, all White and Chessboard.