Father and Daughter, M+S and other dances

Father and Daughter dances are not the only kind we can incorporate if you wish. Mother and Son is the obvious other. But arranging for the groom to dance with his new niece now the families are joined was sweet. 

Also Amy had seen a video on my Facebook Page of a bride and sister dance. She thought that was I great idea, so I set one up for her too.

It can interrupt things a little, but if you look at the reactions of people in the background of these first three photos, their faces say it all.

That last picture is Kirsty dancing with her dad to the classic disco record Young Hearts Run Free. So you don't have to choose a slow record. Choose what you like. There's a couple of subtler ways of incorporating this into your night too. Just ask me.

ps. There's a Cèilidh dance picture too and a bride in a blue dress.