For prospective clients my equipment is very high quality and industry standard, and I won't bore you with the specifications.

However, the list is provided as I am proud of my set up and have worked hard upgrading it over the years and because I get a lot of compliments on my sound. Bands tend to compliment the crispness and ask "What speakers are they?" Normal people tend to thank me for it not being too loud. Clarity without loudness is down to quality components.


Speakers: British Made Logic System IS-12's

Subwoofers: British Made Logic System B5's

Amplification: Crown XTI 4000's

Mixer: Pioneer DJM 600

Audio Interface: MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

Processing: DBX Driverack PA

Headphones: Sennhesier HD25

Microphone: Sennhesier XWS 65

Deckstand: Pro booth Stand V4

CD Player x1: Pioneer CDJ 500

Turntables (by request): Technics 1210 Mk5


DVD Player and LCD Projector for photo slideshows or videos (by request)


I control and vary my lighting throughout the night. For example in staging the first dance. I'd probably mimic the room house lighting, quite bright for the announcement, dim the lighting as the bride and groom walk onto the dancefloor and following the first dance something different and suited the the energy of the track.


I do use a DJ Booth because I think it's the tidiest way to hide most of my equipment. However, it does not hide me, people can see me and come over for a song.
Also, you can still see a fair amount of my control equipment - so if guests are wondering if 'the laptop' is DJ'ing or me - they can see that's me doing the mixing.